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Terms & Conditions

Our standard terms and conditions applicable to vehicle glass repair and replacement services are as follows:

  1. We shall perform, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, the repair and/or replacement of vehicle glass.
  2. Our contract is with you the motorist or owner of the vehicle.  You agree to pay us the full amount specified for our services.
  3. If you have comprehensive car insurance you may be liable for the first portion of your claim (the ‘excess’).  The exact amount of excess will be stated in your insurance policy.  Unless you have already paid the excess to us, you must pay the excess at the time of completion of the vehicle glass repair and/or the vehicle glass replacement unless we agree to invoice you separately.
  4. If you and your insurer or account operator have authorised us to do so we will seek payment of our fee directly from your insurer or account operator on your behalf and you hereby authorise us to do so.  If, whatever reason (including, for example, where we have indicated to you on behalf of your insurer that your claim will be paid by the insurer) your insurer or account operator refuses to pay, you will be liable for our fee.
  5. If, for any reason, your insurer sends their payment for our services directly to you, you will let us have your full payment within 7 working days of receiving their remittance.
  6. If there is no direct billing arrangement in place, payment is due in advance unless otherwise agreed.
  7. If the invoice in question is not paid within 30 days of the due day, we will pass the debt onto our debt recovery agency who will add all their costs onto the original invoice value and you will be liable to pay all costs plus 8% base interest as in accordance with the Bank of England.
  8. If you, or the company who owns the vehicle, is registered for VAT, the VAT element of your bill is payable at the time of completion of your job unless we agree to invoice you separately.
  9. All prices include fitting but exclude any additional trims and clips that may be required. Different prices apply to insurance claims.  Prices are for standard working hours being Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm and Saturday 8.00am to 12.00 excluding bank holidays.  Any work carried outside these standard hours will be subject to an additional charge agreed at the time of the booking.
  10. Failure to cancel an appointment within 4 hours of appointment time will incur a standard administration charge of £30.00. 
  11. We always endeavour to arrive with the correct glass for the vehicle based on the information from our customer.  Should we arrive at a job with the wrong glass as a result of incorrect information given by the customer, a further charge of £30.00 will be required in addition to any difference in cost of the correct glass.
  12. Any glass or materials specially ordered cannot be cancelled, and must be paid for in full by the customer even if the work is not completed for any reason.
  13. All replacement work carried out by Auto Price Windscreens Ltd is guaranteed for one year after the invoice date.  This covers installation, workmanship and leakage.  Any rectification work necessary will be carried out during normal working hours at the site of Auto Price Windscreens Ltd.  Any guarantee will apply provided that no exclusion is recorded at the time the work is carried out due to prior bodywork corrosion/damage or inclement weather conditions.  These would be noted on the job sheet completed and signed at the time the work was carried out.  Furthermore the guarantee shall not apply while our charge remains outstanding after the agreed payment terms have elapsed.
  14. Work carried out on the customers vehicle which does not arise under the terms of guarantee above and/or where the company does not supply the glass, or any other materials, will be carried out entirely at the customers risk.
  15. In order for any claim under the warranty to be considered, Auto Price Windscreens Ltd reserve the right to inspect the vehicle/work in question prior to any third party being involved.  No charges from a third party will be accepted without prior approval.
  16. Should a customer attempt to make a claim under the warranty and it is proven that the alleged problem was not as a result of the work carried out by Auto Price Windscreens Ltd we reserve the right to charge for any materials used, including replacement glass, together with the time taken  to investigate the situation
  17. Auto Price Windscreens Ltd cannot be held responsible for failed glass repair, as the glass is already damaged before the repairs are carried out.
  18. Auto Price Windscreens Ltd cannot be held responsible for any glass or injury caused by glass left in a customers vehicle as cleaning broken glass from a customers vehicle is not included in the replacement price. 
  19. We will always endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction however if there are any part of our service you wish to complain about please telephone 0800 298 0469 or write to Customer Services at Auto Price Windscreens Ltd, Unit 6 Emerald Way, Stone Business Park, Stone, Staffs, ST15 0SR.
  20. You confirm that your vehicle has been inspected before any work has been undertaken by Auto Price Windscreens Ltd and the damage indicated on the diagram is correct.
  21. Ownership of goods shall not pass to the customer until payment in full has been received.  If the customer is in default of payment, the company shall, without prejudice or any rights or remedies available to him/her, be entitled to recover possession of the goods supplied.
  22. English Law shall apply to any issue or dispute arising.

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